Schedule Spring 2024

Meetings are on Tuesdays at 12 pm (EST). We will send the Zoom link on the day of the meeting via the listserv, so make sure to sign up for that if you are not already!


January 23rd - Jonathan A. Chu (Short Talk)

Social Cues: How the Liberal Community Legitimizes Humanitarian War” by Jonathan A. Chu  

February 6th - Kofi Gunu (Short talk)

Capital Power: How the structural power of finance shapes IMF bailout requests” by Kofi Gunu  

February 20th - (2 Short Talks)

March 5th - Shiyang Wu (Short talk)

Strategized Exit: Sunset Clauses and Unilateral Terminations of BITs” by Shiyang Wu

March 19th - (2 Short Talks)

April 30th - Charlotte Desmasures (Short Talk)

Linking climate and security? The integration of climate-related issues into a military’s alliance mandate.” by Charlotte Desmasures